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When the real surfers all over the world were trying hard to find the great adventures of surfing, we caught their spirits and found the answer. UTOPIA indosurf camp  is the answer, it is somewhere of surfer's dream that offers humble., natural and a safe camp to stay in the tropical beach. The camp with 10 nice bungalows is located nearby the sea is easy for the surfers to paddle out in 5 minutes to surf the great waves.

Heri and Dewi the local people decided to take a big decision to build the camp 3 years ago and purchased their own funds to complete the necessary accommodations. As good cook, Dewi cooks a lot of kinds of foods, asian and european foods, and also vegetarians are welcomed. Free hot coffee and tea  and 3 big meals are daily available will keep the surfers healthy. 250,000,  IDR  per day including 3 meals is a real low price for staying at such this camp.

Picking up the surfers at the gate of airport  is the important priority of our services. The surfers get us at the airport when they arrive and we wave our hands at the gate of airport. It's a great traveling of life. It's our commitment that surfers conveniences and satisfactions are the first priority of surfers existence at our camp. 



Do I need to book reservation ?

You're absolutely suggested to reserve the booking reservation at least 7 days before your arrival. It is really nice our driver welcome you at the gate of the airport and transfer to the camp anytime in your preference and the bungalow is prepared before your arrival. Seeking an airport taxi and booking a bungalow at time you arrive is absolutely risky.

How do I pay the booking reservation ?

Payment by Paypal is our preference. We have put secure flexible booking system where you pay downpayment of 10% and the rest at your arrival at the surf camp.

What will my trip be like ?

For those who first time in Sumatra it is quite different from other destinations in Indonesia.You'll a lot of tropical landscape views along the way from the airport. Krui is mellow, mature option for surfers looking to escape the chaos of other Indonesia destinations.Whether you want to surf everyday and not worry about transportation or spend your whole time exploring the jungle looking for big blue barrels. Yes, it's your choice.

What will the waves be like?

With the sheer variety of spots in the area, your chances getting skunked are pretty slight. If you are not that experienced of surfer or you just don't feel like dealing with the reef there's plenty of alternatives. There's plenty of long board spot just down from the camp and the beach breaks always have a wave on offer.

What do I need to bring ?

As there's no surf shop in Krui, you will need to bring all surf related gear with you. At minimum this should mean extra leashes, leash rope, fin, fin keys, wax and repair kit. It's also wise to bring basic medical kit for reefs cuts and minor abrasions.

Do I need a visa ?

Yes you do. If you are citizen of UK, Hungary, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Denmark,
Finland, Germany, French, Italy, Australia and USA, You ca get 30 days visa on arrival [VOA] at any of major airport. When you wish to stay for longer than 30 days, you have to arrange for the 60 days Social  Visa at your nearest Indonesia consultate before planning up your trip.

What about malaria ?

Malaria exists far away and outside of the major tourists destinations in Krui. Though the risk is low, you are suggested to take preventative measures before coming to Krui.

What are the local people like ?

They are polite, friendly and accommodating and the large majority of Krui people are moslems. Mosques dominate the small villages and it is not uncommon to pass through local festivals and celebrating on your waves exploration. As they are friendly and accommodating, you'll easily find waves by asking the local people. English is not widely spoken but when you greet them by saying "ASSALAMUALAIKUM....". the local people absolutely welcome and help you much better. Call them "pak" for a middle age man, "Ibu/bu" for a middle age woman,, "Abang/bang" for a young man. Example : Assalamalaikum, Maaf pak, dimana ombak yang bagus?

Can I change money once there ?

Of course not. Bring the cash money before you get here. It's suggested to change your money before leaving Jakarta or the airport of Bandar lampung. There are ATMs in Liwa but unfortunately it takes 90minutes to get there from the camp.


KRUI.. primarily has different  typical waves from any part of Indonesia, especially in term of quality and consistency of waves. Ujung Bocor, Way Jambu, Krui reefs, Jimmy’s, Mandiri, Honey Smacks and The Peaks are the well known names of waves. A wise choice to surf will be unforgettable experience of surfing Indo.


It’s one of the areas primiere waves and located just over one hour from Utopia Indosurf camp. When the wind is side shore at Ujung Bocor (Leaky Point} or in Krui, cruise to Jimmy’s and enjoy either a long, hollow challenging left or a sucking, slightly less hollow right. Both break off the headland facing and an amazing stretch of white sand beach. It drives north.


A long stretch of beach just west of the camp that is always fun and and can get epic. It takes 20 minutes drives north.


It’s a long, consistent left hander with alternating barrel and turn sections. It provides long and fun barrel 200m rides. Ujung Bocor is quite consistent and always has a wave even though it is hollower and little more challenging at low tide. Just because it is the closest to the camps, 3 minutes walk up the beach, the wave gets the most crowded.


The most popular with the body board, it is a short but intense left barrel. 90 minutes drives north.


The Peak is a short right tube that fizzles water out into deep water, like the other waves it need a big swell to get riding and it is also popular with the body board crowd. The peak is located just south of Krui left and it takes 30 minutes drives north.


Krui Reefs in town of Krui requires a macking swell to get riding. The right offers long rippable walls and the odd barrel. These waves are some of the best in the area. It takes 30 minutes drives north.


The wave in this area offers experienced surfers the barrels of their lives, critical take-off into a top to bottom barrel. As this typical waves, the local fishermen name it as Absolute Evil. It takes 15 drives north.


Designing traditional separated wooden bungalows 10m by the beach is considerably purposed to provide privacies and conveniences of surfers those who spend a whole day for surfing. They easily sit in verandas and overlook the most well known waves of Ujung Bocor.

Each bungalow is self contained and has bed, mosquito net ,fan, electrical outlets, locks, and small porch that lookout to the ocean. The great waves can be checked from the tower at the camp but paddling out requires a small 5 minutes walk up the beach. Surfers absolutely escape from boat packet.

Meanwhile things in Krui operate very differently than other more tourism part of Indonesia. They are primarily laid back and basic. In this area for the average travelling surfers looking for escaping from more crowded Indo Spots it will be adequate but if you have got any special need or desire, please just clarify them with us.


-    Bathrooms
-    Over head shower
-    Look out area for checking the waves and relaxing
-    Chill out area with surf mags, book exchange and chess table
-    Free billyard table
-    Cafe
-    Fully equipped kitchen
-    Motorbike and car rental with driver
-    Arrangement of safary tour
-    Airport transfer is 1.100.000,rp each way
-    24 hours security


Instead of Indonesian food, European foods are also freshly prepared in the café. Dishes vary but are generally a mix Indonesian and western favorites based on availability and preference .There are three meals a day are included with each night of accommodation. Typical day would be banana pancakes and omelets for breakfast. Mix vegetable and grilled chicken for lunch. Fresh sea fish, rice, steamed vegetable, potato cake and spicy are also available.


Utopia Indosurf  Camp rate  : IDR 250,000./night

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