Hello Real Surfers   ...   You've Got The Power ...!!!


When the real surfers all over the world were trying hard to find the great adventures of surfing, we caught their spirits and found the answer. UTOPIA indosurf camp  is the answer, it is somewhere of surfer's dream that offers humble., natural and a safe camp to stay in the tropical beach. The camp with 10 nice bungalows is located nearby the sea is easy for the surfers to paddle out in 5 minutes to surf the great waves.

Heri and Dewi the local people decided to take a big decision to build the camp 3 years ago and purchased their own funds to complete the necessary accommodations. As good cook, Dewi cooks a lot of kinds of foods, asian and european foods, and also vegetarians are welcomed. Free hot coffee and tea  and 3 big meals are daily available will keep the surfers healthy. 250,000,  IDR  per day including 3 meals is a real low price for staying at such this camp.

Picking up the surfers at the gate of airport  is the important priority of our services. The surfers get us at the airport when they arrive and we wave our hands at the gate of airport. It's a great traveling of life. It's our commitment that surfers conveniences and satisfactions are the first priority of surfers existence at our camp. 


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