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KRUI.. primarily has different  typical waves from any part of Indonesia, especially in term of quality and consistency of waves. Ujung Bocor, Way Jambu, Krui reefs, Jimmy’s, Mandiri, Honey Smacks and The Peaks are the well known names of waves. A wise choice to surf will be unforgettable experience of surfing Indo.


It’s one of the areas primiere waves and located just over one hour from Utopia Indosurf camp. When the wind is side shore at Ujung Bocor (Leaky Point} or in Krui, cruise to Jimmy’s and enjoy either a long, hollow challenging left or a sucking, slightly less hollow right. Both break off the headland facing and an amazing stretch of white sand beach. It drives north.


A long stretch of beach just west of the camp that is always fun and and can get epic. It takes 20 minutes drives north.


It’s a long, consistent left hander with alternating barrel and turn sections. It provides long and fun barrel 200m rides. Ujung Bocor is quite consistent and always has a wave even though it is hollower and little more challenging at low tide. Just because it is the closest to the camps, 3 minutes walk up the beach, the wave gets the most crowded.


The most popular with the body board, it is a short but intense left barrel. 90 minutes drives north.


The Peak is a short right tube that fizzles water out into deep water, like the other waves it need a big swell to get riding and it is also popular with the body board crowd. The peak is located just south of Krui left and it takes 30 minutes drives north.


Krui Reefs in town of Krui requires a macking swell to get riding. The right offers long rippable walls and the odd barrel. These waves are some of the best in the area. It takes 30 minutes drives north.


The wave in this area offers experienced surfers the barrels of their lives, critical take-off into a top to bottom barrel. As this typical waves, the local fishermen name it as Absolute Evil. It takes 15 drives north.

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